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Hasiya official second trailer released


The action movie ‘Hasiya’ is release on 23rd May 2014. The 2nd official trailer was released. The trailer is public via Youtube . In the trailer Actress Hema Shrestha cut the ruffian, with some dangerous scene can be seen. From the trailer we can appearance the movie is made under the voice raised for the violence of women in the society. That’s why movie creator unit says the story of ‘Hasiya’ stentorian the voice of women & the movie carried the criminal in society.
Hema Shrestha, the marcel art player practice the eight month of fight training and then only she join the action scene of the movie ‘Hasiya’.She is the main eligible character in the movie. In the movie Hema submitted the role of CIB Officer.
The movie is made under the banner of Chams Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. The action film will also stars the Maha-Nayak Rajesh Hamal, Hema Shrestha, Prasahansa Shah (daughter of Miss Nepal – Rubi Rana), Bishal Dhungana, Alok Karki Bijay Kunwar, Kiran Rai and more. Actress Priyanka Karki also filmed a sizzling dance number for the film alongside Hema Shrestha.
The movie is made under the production of Dugra Ghale, Som Shrestha & Jitendra Chemjong, Story by Anup Sapkota. Likewise, Renasha Bantawa Rai Choreographer. The director of the movie is Milan Chams.
Shivani Moktan & Rajesh Payal Rai gave the voice in the song of movie whereas music by Kalyan Singh.
With the basis conflict the movie is guidance by Raj Kumar Upreti . She is also trained the eight month of fight by Raj Kumar Upreti.
The Film Industry hope a lot from Hema in the movie.HASIYA_ITEM SONG_FINAL0000.dpx.Still003rajesh hamal _onlinenprajesh hamal


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