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Pailaharu Video From Nepali Film Red Monsoon


Onlinenp Kathmandu, April 5 The Nepali song ‘Pailaharu’ was composed for the Nepali Film ‘Red Monsoon’. It is a feature length domestic drama written and directed by Eelum Dixit. Music design by Lochan Rijal. The film will also stars the Shristi Ghimire, Himali Dixit, Sandip Chhetri, Sarita Giri, Sudam Ck.

‘Pailaharu’ is one of the recorded songs that incorporate the Arbaja, Nagara and the Sarangi. The aim of the song is to encourage the use of such instruments in music production. The song is mastered by Pradip Upadhyaya & recorded at Studio Sound Design, Naxal. Ajay Upadhaya as production Manager whereas Kamal Baral as Cinematography and Camera Assistant Manoj .
Lochan Rijal


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