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Exclusive interview with Shrikrishna’s Brother


Exclusive interview with Shrikrishna's Brother 1Exclusive interview with Shrikrishna's Brother 2Exclusive interview with Shrikrishna's Brother 3Late actor Shrikrishna Shrestha stayed in Gangaram Hospital in Delhi for about 25 days. He died within one week after diagnosing bone cancer on 24th of Srawan. Before he died, he had a short conversation with his elder brother Minkrishna Shrestha. What had he talked with his brother? It is presented here via his brother.min krishna dai
I stayed in hospital with my brother for about 10 days. He was quite fine till recording his voice for his movie. Two days later of recording voice, he felt difficult breathing. His lungs had stopped working so doctor advised him to admit in ICU for further treatment. But all the ICUs in the hospital were full. After requesting repeatedly, he was admitted in ICU there at ten o’ clock in the night. Sweta sister had taken him there. She came out of room then after. Doctor called me inside ICU some time later. Before the treatment started, he told me that he was feeling difficult to breathe. I took his hand and we talked for about 3 minutes like before. He remembered almost all the organizations and persons related to film. Especially he talked about Director Aakash Adhikari and late Shiva Regmi. He further told me to tell family members that he missed them. He said he was missing mother and Challa (Nickname of his brother’s daughter) a lot. He also told me to take care of Sweta sister. He requested me to make Sweta my sister. At that time, it seemed like a film shooting. He was talking with me. Then, suddenly the bed, where he was kept, shook. I asked why is he shaking the bed ? But in that time, his soul had already left his body. What should I do at that time? I got panic. Then keeping stone on my heart, I told Sweta sister to look brother for the last time. She started crying after seeing that. I signed in his death certificate. We left his body there and went to near hotel to stay a night. We cried there. Nepalese people, who are working there, helped us a lot. Those people helped us in our sad moments. All of them, helped for my brother. We should be proud for that. We came back to Nepal next day.
He had an allergy from cold. He had suffered from Pneumonia when he was child. While he grew up, he had to go to High Mountains for shooting. So he again started suffering from Pneumonia. So, he was admitted to hospital after two days of his honeymoon. It became late for treatment after diagnosing the disease. His cough was cured after Kimo therapy. He couldn’t able to breathe due to his lungs problem. Our family didn’t know that he was suffering from bone cancer. He even didn’t know that. Doctor told us to tell him about his disease. Before he died, he gave me a duty to take care of Sweta sister. We had one sister. But now, we have two. We will take care of her as a daughter instead daughter in law. This is also family’s decision. Sweta, although joined with film, she is a Businesswoman first. She joined film due to brother. So she may probably look after business instead films. But it’s up to her what she wants. But as far as I think, she will look after her business. If there is not my brother, she may not play in films anymore.


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