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Model better than heroine for Teej songs


karisma-nandita-reemaIndo Nepali singer Purnima’s Teej song got positive response from audiences. The music video of the song also got good response. Purnima selected two famous actress of Nepali film industry Ashishma Nakarmi and Namrata Sapkota for her Teej song, ‘Aafu pani naachinchha, arulai pani nachaienchha…’Those actresses are known in playing chosen films only. But the music video couldn’t attract Nepali audiences and Teej song lovers. Not only Namrata and Ashishma, other music videos related with Teej song played by film actresses can’t attract Teej song lovers. But most of the films played by them are very popular among Nepali fans.
Like other time, this year Sumina Ghimire, Nandita K.C and Reema Bishowkarma are popular models for Teej songs among audiences and Teej song lovers. Normally, music video played by heroines should be watched more. But it is not like that. Music video played by Parbati Rai is watched more than the music video by Karishma Manandhar.
Why heroines are not popular in music videos?
Except Kohinoor, other films are not commercially successful in the box office. This shows that the craze of Nepali fans for heroines is not good. Beside this, they are also frustrated watching the same face of heroines every time. They want something new.
Teej songs are mostly related with women’s parents’ home and their sorrow and grief. So they need to wear Saari, bangles (Chura), wear necklace (Poote) and others while dancing. But the image of our heroines is connected with either skirts or one piece. So it is guessed that due to this reason, although they are popular in Nepali films, they are not able to win the heart of Teej song lovers.


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