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Rekha Thapa from actress to director


rekha thapaEstablishing her in the Nepali film Industry from her first film ‘Hero’, Rekha Thapa turned to 31 from today. But she is not celebrating her birthday due to 13th day ceremony of late actor Shrikrishna Shrestha. Last year in her 30th birthday, she told that she is no more a child. After putting full stop in the marriage relation between her and Chhabiraj Ojha, she has started a new journey of life as a director from Nepali film ‘Himmatwali’. She likes to do some new things in the occasion of her birthday. Last year, she decided to raise and help in teaching the war affected children. She has even started an organization named ‘Rekha Thapa Foundation’ after that. She likes to live in a circle of scandals, rumors and controversy and she is often discussed among film industry.rekha thapa hot
Many Many happy returns of the day to Rekha Thapa. The film carrier of Rekha Thapa had started in this way:
Many people are questioning in her age after it is released that she turned 31 from today. She remained number one heroine for some years in Nepali film industry. She is also known as a clever girl. She is born in Biratnagar. She is in film line for more than one and half decades. She came to Kathmandu after SLC. That time the founders of Namaste Nepal, Chhabiraj Ojha and Naresh Poudel were searching a new female face for their film ‘Hero’. They were known as producers who give chances to new faces. First conversation with them became lucky chance to her. She appeared as a co-actress in that film. But she played a lead role in the life of Chhabiraj. Affair between Chhabiraj and Rekha had started from this film. But their relation couldn’t stay for 10 years and both of them accepted to stay separately. After they got married, Chhabi and Naresh finished their partnership. When Rekha became famous, both Chhabi and Naresh told that she was hit because of them. Naresh told that she was hit because of his direction while Chhabi used to add his name in the banner. Due to marriage, Rekha and Naresh didn’t talk for some years. She became famous after playing in just 6 films due to her boldness. She never needed to return back because at that time, Nepali film industry was searching a bold actress. She fulfilled their need. She became so much famous that one time distributers used to tell that if there is Rekha in the film, then it will sure be hit. After marring Chhabi, she also started producing films by his help. She had a good relation with directors and distributors. But her relation was not good with actors. After a controvercy with Nikhil Uprety, her bad relation started with actors. After finishing her relationship with Nikhil, she started her relation with Biraj Bhatta. But it cannot stay longer. Their relation finished after the film ‘Kismat’ of Ujjwal Ghimire. Then after she started friendly relationship with Aryan Sigdel. But it also couldn’t last long. Their relation was finished before the release of the film ‘ Kasle chorryo Mero Mann’. There was a time when both of them criticized one another. After finishing relationship with Aryan, she came to close to another actor Aayush Rijal. Many started to talk that she is taking revenge with Aryan with the help of Aayush. But, this relation also last longer. Many actors entered to CPN Maoist party after Republic came to existence. She also entered in the party and became one of the good friends of chairman of CPN Moist, Prachanda, Both of them were seen in many programs together. She had even danced with him in a strike conducted by the party. She even claimed for the chairman of Chalchitra Bikash Board. Nowadays she is totally concentrated in the release of her film which is also directed by her. She directed the film ‘Himmatwali’ after 10 days of shooting after firing Director Shyam Bhattarai.


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