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Virat Kohli will marry Anushka Sharma soon


Virat-Kohli-and-anushka-SharmaVery long time, Birat and Anushka have been married between news stories and they didn’t ever come of these. But this time, talk of marriage came from real sources. According to an official of BCCI, Virat Kohli to England with girlfriend only allowed when he convinced them that he will marry her soon. Then after, they allowed Anushka to go with him. You have known that Anushka Sharma was in England with the team. During the first test match, she stayed in the same hotel where Indian players were kept. Although she and Virat were kept in a separate room. BCCI had allowed Anushka to live in the team hotel. Indian team Management was in shock however BCCI took it normally. Now it is clear that Virat introduced Anushka as his prospective wife not a girlfriend.


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