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Exclusive Intervieaw with Director Binod Serang


Online NP. Director Binod Serang is busy nowadays in the advertisement of his film ‘Nissani’. The film is based on the Gurkhalis’ bravery that they have shown during Cargil war. It is releasing on 27th Bhadra. Making the film its centre to talk, Online NP has taken an interview with the director of the film.
Q. 1) Where did you get the idea of making ‘Nissani’ ?
• I am a son of Gurkha Army. Even my maternal uncle is also Gurkha Army. I’ve heard about Gurkha Army and their bravery very much from them. Then I thought I must do something for my ancestors. Then I got an idea of making a film. I made the film to inform all the people of the country and the world about the Brave Gurkhas.
Q. 2) How much time have you spent to prepare the script of the film?
• A lot. I’ve spent approximately 4 years to prepare the script of the film. Most of the times were spent for searching the area to shoot the film, to understand the real incident of that time, to know about the weapons used in the war and other many things related to film.
Q. 3) You’ve tried to make the film related to our brave Gurkhas. How near did you reach for the film?
• We have tried to reach as near as possible for the story. I’ve got chance to know the reality of the war from the fighters of that war. So I went very close to the war.
Q. 4) From where have you got the story about the bravery of Gurkha Army in the Cargil war ?
• I told you before that I got many informations of war from some of those fighters themselves. Mainly, I understood many things of war from Colonel Lalit Karki. He had also fought in that war. To prepare this story, he helped us very much.
Q. 5) The film is releasing from 27th Bhadra. How are you advertising for the film?
• We have advertised the film as far as possible. We are also watching so that no places would leave for the advertisement. And we are also getting positive reviews from the fans.
Q. 6) Which places are used for the shooting of the film ?
• We spent most of our time to search a good place for the shooting. Especially, we chose three places for the film. They are Ghale village of Lamjung, Illam and Sikkim of India.
Q. 7) Why do you think that people should watch this film ?
• ‘Nissani’ is based on the history of our Gurkhalis. To understand our history, to understand the sacrifice of our brave Gurkhalis and to understand the life of an army, one must watch this film. And this is also a fundamental Nepali film.
Q. 8) How much have you spent for film making ?
• To make the film, we have spent approximately 72 Lakhs.
Q. 9) What have you expected from the film ?
• After getting reviews from the fans, I have expected very much from the film. Censor Board watched the movie and they were happy. They also wished me good luck for the film. I also got good reviews from charity show. So I am very happy. Nepalese attractive scenes and cultures are presented in the film. In all, we made a good film. So, I have good expectation from the film.

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