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Honor to Sunil Thapa said one day I will receive the Oscar Award



In the last of the program, when the host of the show Rajendra Salav told some guests to describe Sunil Thapa in one sentence, most of them introduced him as a good person. When other guests finished their speech, then he was called on the stage. When he took the mike and just started to give a speech, he busted into tears. Because, it was the program to give honor to him. The program was held on Wednesday. He gave thanks for recognizing him in front of fans as a real actor and he talked about Hindi film that he has just played, ‘Meri Kom’. He also shared his experience during the shooting. He has come back to Nepal after the shooting of the film ‘Meri Kom’ finished. Sunil Thapa is a very well-known name for Nepalese fans. He has played in ‘Ek duje Ke Liye’, ‘Aaj ki aawaj’ and more than 1 dozen other Hindi films. He has played in a role of boxing trainer of actress Priyanka Chopda. The film is going to release on 20th Bhadra or 5th September. The film is based on the life of 5 times boxing champion, boxing player of Manipur India, ‘Meri Kom’. He has played in negative role in most of his films. From the film ‘Chino’ released on 2046 BS, he is famous by the name ‘Rate Kaila’ between Nepali fans. He has spent more than 3 and half decades of his life for film. He had debut in the Nepali Film Industry from the film ‘Masal’ directed by Pratap Subba. In the program, he told that by judging his acting, not only in Bollywood, he would be receiving Oscar Award wearing Nepali ‘Daura Suruwal’.The program was named ‘Happiness from Success’. The program was organized by Nepal Cinema Technical Organization, Shree Balaji Films and Mauri Entertainment.


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