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Anju Panta refusing to sing hindu song (video interview)


In this video popular Nepali singer Anju Panta crying & requesting her fans & well wishers what they listen & read in social media, newspapers & in other sources are wrong.
Nepali medias’ blaming on her that she refused to sing any Hindu song. She has been criticized worldwide now a days.
She also said I believe people’s culture, feeling & I respect them too. I am here because of them.
She is christian from Hindu after getting divorce from her husband.
She denied to record the song title ‘Subhakamana’ due to her health problem added Panta. When she rejected the song many people gave different types of reaction. After this she gave an interview to make people away from this controversy.
Watch video interview & see her clarification about why she refusing to sing a song.


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  1. church ma ta kehi boleko thiyo ni. Ke clearify gari rakheko ??? sure she is ghamandi ho

  2. church ma ta k vaneko thiau yada xaen ki ki ko ma mero parmesowar bahek aru kunai bagawan ko nam linai sakdina vaner

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