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Tirmo Premma Pagal Banera video by Bishwo Shanti Rai


The song title ‘Timro Premma Pagal Banera’ by famous singer Bishwo Shanti Rai is release. The lyricist of this song is Asha Magar. The song is from the album ‘Pagal Prem’. Supa Deurali Pvt.Ltd take a responsibility for marketing the music video ‘Timro Premma’.
According to the song I have been walking alone as a lover mad in the street, in a fake love you blamed me so, I am alone here….
The singer Rai have many songs in Nepalese music market. His songs are liked especially by new generation. The release video is directed, shoot & editing by Bipin Tamang. This video is shoot in the beautiful places of Israel. From the last year the director Tamang upgrade Nepali music field in Isreal.
This video featured Raman, Liza & Pushkal.


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