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I was offered for film : Shilpa Pokhrel


shilpaFeatured in more than 135 music videos model Shilpa needs some time to know about the film language. Reason, language used in cinema & in some word, she is still small. Due to this she can’t answer openly to the question by media personnel. But finally debut actress from ‘Lazza’ openly said some things.

Media join her name with Chhabi:
When I get opportunity for cinema from then media joined my name with Chhabi Ojha. Media made news about our Love relation to marriage proposed. This harms me & my family also raised question to me. After playing cinema one can get profit but for me in a very beginning it creates loss. When my family asked about my relation with Chhabi than I show them some news of ‘Loafer’ actress Rajani KC. When my family knew about the Rajani than they saw little peace. Due to this incident I cried a lot in my room closing the door.

Not to win Rekha:
To take a place of Rekha, Shilpa entered in cinema, such news always published in media. I never reached in the height of Rekha. I am here to make my own area. I feel bad when my name is joined with Rekha too. I hope that after watching ‘Lazza’ the audience know me in new way.

Sex Proposed:
I heard that to play in cinema actress sacrifice their own respect. But later I enduring this things. After featuring in some music video the director called me to play in a movie. In a talking the director offered a ‘give and take’ proposal but such word make me tension for long time.
Chhabi Ojha offered me for his movie ‘Lazza’, while featuring in the video of Shankar BC. At that time he didn’t made movie ‘Loafer’. I think this man also use me at that time. So I ignore his offered & went to home. After 4 month Chhabi ring me a phone. In the trust of Director Nawal Nepal I am ready to play movie.silpa

Agreement with Chhabi:
Yes I did agreement for not playing in others movie before the release of ‘Lazza’ but this agreement is not for video. I labor hard in ‘Lazza’.

To be an artist, celebrity Rekha only:
Now I gave continuity in cine field. In Nepal except Rekha, I never seen other artists work hardly in movie field. That’s why for me Rekha Thapa is only celebrity .

Chhabi Ojha like her father, love Rekha:
Ojha is her father’s age person. He proposed me to marry is rumors. I never think he can do this. Chhabi Ojha loves more to Rekha Thapa. Till today I didn’t heard any negative word used by Chhabi for Rekha. He didn’t show his anger to Rekha never.

What is ‘Lazza’?
‘Lazza’ is a female oriented movie. The movie tells the story about a lady who come out from office until she reached home. To work with popular actor Aryan Sigdel, famous director Nawal Nepal & producer Chhabi Ojha is challenges for me. But I gave justice in my own role. She said whether the cinema did good business or not but the audiences accept my role. ‘Lazza’ is all set to be released on Kartik 7.


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