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Nepali Movie Jerryy Official Trailer


From the direction of “Hostel” debut, Hemraj B.C. has officially released the promos of his next movie ” Jerry”. In this movie we can see Anmol K.C. the actor of “Hostel” in the lead role.
“Jerry” is based on love story starring Anmol, Antara Sharma, and Abhishek Man Sherchan in the main lead. The movie will release on 28th of kartik, produced by Manoj Sherchan.
The story line of the movie is written by Samrat Prasad Gauchan, the co-producer and the director B.C. himself. The movie comprise the voice of Naren Limbu, cinematography of Sailendra D. Karki and the edition of Surendra Poudel.
Director Hemraj B.C. will also direct his second movie “Sambodhan” which will be in theatre from 16th of Magh. He will direct his next movie with Actor Anmol.Nepali Movie Jerryy 5 Nepali Movie Jerryy online Nepali Movie Jerryy onlinenp 2 Nepali Movie Jerryy                            Watch Video Nepali Movie  Jerryy Official Trailer

Video info:
Starring Anmol K.C. , Anna Sharma, Amalia Sharma, Abhishek Man Sherchan, Yash SJB Rana Music: Naren Limbu, Co-Producer : Samrat Prasad Gauchan, Producer : Manoj Sherchan, Writer : Samrat Prasad Gauchan & Hemraj BC Cinematographer : Shailendra D Karki, Colorist : Sudip Shrestha Sound design : Uttam Neupane Editor : Surendra Poudel, Director : Hemraj B.C. NEPALI FEATURE FILM RELEASING ON 28 KARTHIK / 14 NOVEMBER 2014.


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