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When man becomes Cat !


This world is full up of various types of amazing peoples. Due to their passion peoples are practicing new and very new things in their daily lives. Peoples are not wasting their important lives theyb are doing investigation in their lives or lets say mission.Dennis Avner is known as speaking cat. He was born Dennis as Avner; August 27, 1958 and he passed away on November 5, 2012) . He was an American man known for his extensive body modifications, which were intended to increase his resemblance to a female tiger. For his 14 surgical procedures towards that goal, he held a world record for “most permanent transformations to look like an animal”.

His by heart passion was to be a tiger first and cat. The name “Stalking Cat” is a Native American name, given to him in childhood by a medicine man of his tribe. Stalking Cat was born in Flint, Michigan. His parents were of Lakota and Wyandot heritage. He had a brother named Dave. The family lived in Suttons Bay, Michigan. As an adult, Stalking Cat related in an interview that the feelings of being connected to a totem were present, and how one of his earliest childhood memories was of wondering where his tail was. Around age 10, he was given his name by Grey Cloud, the medicine man of his tribe. As an adult, he joined the Navy as a sonar technician. He then began working as a computer programmer and technician in San Diego, California.. In interviews, he stated that he chose to alter his physical appearance in accordance with an ancient Wyandot tradition, where people alter their bodies to resemble their totems.

He explained that he met a Native American chief who encouraged him to follow the ways of his totem, the tiger. He also told of how his totem was actually a female tiger, and how he felt moved to blur the gender boundaries as well. While living in San Diego, he met Tess Calhoun at a furry convention. Over several years, he formed a close friendship with Calhoun and her husband, Rick Weiss. In 2005, Weiss’ job with Boeing required the couple to move to Washington, and they asked Stalking Cat, then aged 47, to join them. The trio moved to Whidbey Island in Freeland, Washington, where Stalking Cat helped fix up their house.

He stood out in the small town, and the local newspapers occasionally ran articles on him.One article referred to him as a “cigarette-smoking, out-of-work, registered Republican who owns firearms and left California because he believes become a communist state”. Calhoun said that he was “living in a family for really the first time” and that “it takes some adjusting Stalking Cat, Calhoun, and Weiss were active in the furry community, both online and at conventions. They held monthly gatherings for members of the furry community at their home. Stalking Cat became well known in the furry community and has a biography on WikiFur.Stalking Cat had financial troubles. Calhoun posted that she and her husband simply could not afford to support him anymore. He is no more with us.


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