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Environment friendly green snakes


These green snakes are environment friendly though they are harmful to human beings. Mostly found in african jungles or also kept in zoos. They are kept in famous zoos of worlds like Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo, and knowledge of snakes was second to none. He was brought a bag containing a snake, and upon opening it and peering inside, he immediately identified it as a young boomslang. He removed the snake from the bag for closer examination, and it was during this examination that he sustained a bite to his thumb from a single fang. Humans present more fear to such greenery then normal other colors snakes. Mainly these green snakes are called more danger in Nepal. In Roman they called here ‘HARRAU’. Few years ago in Nepalese zoo also green snakes were there.
Those other snakes normal then The arboreal boomslang can frequently be found in isolated trees within open clearings. The following day Schmidt returned to work, where he reported that he felt fine. By that afternoon, he was dead from respiratory arrest and cerebral hemorrhage. Schmidt’s de$ath changed our perception of the boomslang, and subsequent analysis of its venom found it to be as toxic, if not more toxic, than many front-fanged snakes. Today, the boomslang ranks as one of Africa’s most venomous snakes. In addition to the boomslangs, there were two king cobras, a green mamba, three rhino vipers and a couple of Gaboon vipers. The boomslang is not a large snake; it averages between 3 and 5 feet, though in exceptional cases in some parts of its range, it may exceed 6 feet.
It has a rather slender, laterally compressed body with large, heavily keeled, overlapping scales. It is arboreal and widely distributed over much of sub-Saharan Africa, where it occurs in a range of habitats from coastal thickets to dry savannah, and even semi-desert areas. It is not typically found in densely wooded areas, preferring instead more open areas. In fact, boomslangs can frequently be encountered in isolated trees within open clearings. Boomslangs are one of the few snake species where se$xu$al dimorphism is evident. During the breeding season, from July to early October in the boomslang’s range, male boomslangs can become overly aggressive, resulting in sporadic sparring matches with other males. The loser moves off in search of other potential breeding grounds elsewhere.


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