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Nepal’s highways are in Risky Condition


As we know that Nepal is a mountainous country which is full up of hills. Being a developing country and full up of hills most of roads of Nepal are not good for travelers. Nepal’s highways are one of the most d@ngerous in the world and the chances of a bus, truck or car having a cr@sh are more than 100 times higher than in other countries i.e. India and Japan.

Because of Nepal’s topography, poor road conditions, careless drivers, and lack of regulation, the chance of passengers surviving an accident is also much lower here than anywhere else. Most of the roads are sloppy and muddy. SO must of the acci$dents are repeated day to day. Dea$dly Nepal bus @cc!dents are seen in highways of Nepal also. Many peoples Die$d in bus accident are being common nowadays. Most of the accidents happens here due to overladen bus. Here in this video overladen bus plunged off a muddy road Fall down from road in western Nepal.

The latest in a string of de$a$dly ac$cidents on the country’s highways People gather near the wreckage of a passenger bus which swerved from the road and fell into the Jungle. Which was fallowed 50 meters from the road and moves down in the river. At least ! dozen passengers were kil$le$d and 11 others injured when an overcrowded passenger bus travelling along the Muddy road in remote areas unbleached Highway swerved from the road and fell into the river of western Nepal. Few dayas ago on morning, according to local media News was flashed and became viral of this accident.
After the accid$en$t People gather near the wreckage of a passenger bus which swerved from the road and fell from the road. Senior police officer told due to the poor road condition caused the accident. Nepal is Known as worlds most danger place to happen accident. Which killed many peoples lives in a single day. Road accidents killed more than 2000 people in Nepal per year. Which happens in hilly and slope roads. This types of accidents mostly happens in rainy season. This accident also happens in rainy season. Firstly it was moving in a simple way but when bus back side part turned over due to muddy road it fell down and accident was happen.


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