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Chinese boy Duoduo became youngest pilot of world


New and new News are releasing day by day. In the same category this news is also added. Here in this video 5 years Chinese boy Nicknamed Duoduo flies aeroplane in the sky. Its not fake.

He launched himself into the record books as the world’s youngest pilot by flying a plane unassisted. Duoduo has launched himself into the record. Forget toy model airplanes, the five-year-old Chinese boy He Yide is already piloting real planes in the sky.
Duoduo completed a 35-minute solo flight by ultralight aircraft at the Beijing Wildlife Park, earning himself a world record as the youngest pilot ever. He was quite exit while flying the plane alone. He share his experience that The level of danger in the front is higher than in the back. The person in the front has to drive, and it’s really fun.

5 years Small boy Duoduo is no stranger to extreme feats. His father, He Liesheng, who calls himself Eagle dad, has already let Duoduo compete alone in a sailing race and sometimes makes him run around almost naked in the snow.
The elder He says these harsh training exercises are part of his Eagle education. He said his dream was to fly in the sky, today fulfill by his parents and due to own ambition. Here in this video prompted huge debate over He’s style of parenting, even though he said the boy had had no problems from the intense education method.
Still, experts caution that this approach isn’t suitable for every child. Doing this is very likely to harm the child in the name of love. China had already kept county name in various category. When this small boy also wrote name he will be the smallest pilot of the world.


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