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Mr Obama apologize after golf game to newlywed couple


American President Barack Obama left one couple in the rough way. Here in this video Obama said in a sadly way to the couple agency said. Here you can watch video President Obama Calls Newlywed Couple To Apologize After Golf Game Nearly Left Them In The Rough. President Barack Obama Calls Military Couple to Apologize for Wedding Couple. President Obama said Terrible After his Hawaii golf game forced a military couple of move the location of their wedding ceremony with less. He called them to personally and talk to them in a apologize way . couple was just A newlywed . He said it was not intentionally.
Obama is real follower of golf. And he also give interests to other games also. In the same way American President Obama forces a mulligan on a couple’s wedding plans. That day round of golf that left the commander in chief feeling terrible. His phone call to the bride and groom after a presidential golf game almost forced their wedding into the bunker. News agency said they have no hard feelings toward the President after his golf game at a military course in Hawaii forced them to change their wedding plans.
The problem, a wedding of two Army captains, Natalie Heimel and Edward Mallue was scheduled at the same time. They said they had no problem with the change and were happy their Commander-in-Chief would not be disrupted, according to a spokesperson at the base. One thing presidents intention was not to make boured the wedding couple. Actually worlds tops leader they didnt do mistake but when theirs reporters or helpers do not do their work in a fair way. After that Wedding crasher in chief.Actually soldiers are of hard hatred mind. They forced to move their wedding on a Hawaiian golf course so the President could tee off, leading to this unforgettable phone call.
In the same time it lead to a very memorable phone call. News agency said correspondent Chris Jansing is in Hawaii and talked to the couple exclusively. They were forced to relocate their ceremony on a golf course because President Obama had scheduled a tee time at the same location. So when the President found out, he called the couple, two Army captains and he apologized. President Obama feel regret and talk to the couple. When he apologized now the relation between Obama and wed couples is fine.


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