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Man’s Finger Is a Hard Drive


Jerry Jalava is a computer programmer from Finland. Who has lost finger replaced with USB drive. One day while moving in motorcycle he falls in accident and has it replaced with a USB drive. When he face such difficult situation he think about the option of his finger. And he replace hard drive instead of his finger. While the prosthetic looks like a normal finger Jerry can peel it back from the ‘nail’ and plug it into the USB slot on his computer using it as an additional hard drive. You can watch the video and can be clear about this amazing incident.

After his accident in motorbike he replace his finger temporarily. Which is attached in his hand, so it can be easily left plugged into a computer when in use. Nowadays Jalava is already thinking about upgrading the finger to include more storage and wireless technology. Jalava’s left ring finger had to be amputated last summer after he crashed into a deer while riding his motorbike near Helsinki. Using a traditional prosthetic finger Jerry has been able embed a USB key like the ones used in traditional flash drives. The finger is not permanently attached to his hand meaning it can be removed when plugged into a computer.

He was inspired to create the unique storage device when doctors treating him he should have a USB finger drive after finding out that he was a software developer. Jalava said he has two different prosthetic fingertips that he can use. The other is conventional, made to look like a natural finger, but Jalava says he does not plan to keep it that way. Some people find the whole thing hard to take, and a few suspect. Now his condition is fit and fine. He is doing his acts regularly as a normal man.


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