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A girl who never smile


Human being is a social animal. And wants to live in a society. In humans life Various types of aspects are there. sometimes humans becomes happy and sometimes sad. But here we are talking about a girl who ever laughed in her life. But its not intentionally. Due to her surgery for a neck tumor leaves 12-year-old girl Caitlin Gaylard cannot show her laughing expression. a non-cancerous tumor on her neck . Caitlin Gaylard had surgery to remove it at University Hospital Wales, in Cardiff. During the surgery a nerve in her face was accidentally severed. The hospital has accepted responsibility and has awarded compensation Caitlin has had surgery to try and repair the damage but it failed.

Every one wants to laugh and do entertainment. But its not written in Caitlin Gaylard faith. Caitlin is now considering another operation to attempt to improve her smile. Caitlin Gaylard received compensation after a botched operation as a child left her unable to smile. Caitlin Gaylard developed a non-cancerous tumor on the right size of her neck shortly after her birth. The haemangioma rapidly grew to the size of a fist and she had to have an operation to remove the growth.She severed the nerves in one side of her face during the operation, causing severe paralysis on the right side of her face.

Caitlin Gaylard became clear the nerve had been completely severed rather than damaged. They were told that the facial palsy could be corrected, but they would have to wait until Caitlin was older for the surgery.
Shortly after her birth, Caitlin developed a large non-cancerous tumor on her neck. It was during surgery to remove it that a nerve in her face was severed
When she was four-and-a-half she had a nerve removed from her calf which was grafted onto the good nerve in her face. The health board is very sorry for what has happened and we would like to offer our sincere apologies to Caitlin and her family.


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