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Can you eat Live Octopus?


Octopus is a animal which has a big, bulbous head, beady black eyes, and eight squirming tentacles.But some people would also call it dinner. Even while it’s still alive! Some peoples easily eat as a hobby. But sometimes it becomes risky. The practice of eating live seafood, such as fish, crabs, oysters and baby shrimps or baby octopus may be harmful. Sometimes peoples may die with this habit. Octopus Infection by the latum is seen in countries where people eat raw. The view that live oysters are acceptable to eat, even by strict ethical criteria, has notably been propounded in the seminal.
It takes a whole lot of work to make an octopus palatable, but humans around the globe, particularly in the Mediterranean and in East Asia, have been doing it for centuries. One way of bypassing the prep work, of course, is to eat the thing while it’s still alive. This is a practice with its own morally dubious thrill. Here in this video girl and boys who is hobby in eating it wondered whether word of cephalopod intelligence had reached the food world, so asked a few chefs if they had any misgivings about serving the animals.
Here these guys are eating it one after another. But sometimes condition may be different. Person may die after eating. Once a young boy in Korea die by eating it live. The case came under media spotlight. who had bought the octopus. Subsequently convicted of murder in October and sentenced to life imprisonment by a court that cited. The long-running case, fulled by accusations of police incompetence, has received enormous media and public attention in South Korea. Most of the times it become unique.


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