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He is only 6 years old kid. His name is Gagan Satish from India. He is quite creative boy than normal kids. He is talent in various stunt. Here in this video Gagan is showing his extra creation. He is splitting so far that he can skate while rising no higher than 7 inches off the ground. Recently, Gagan, now 6 years old, tried to break a Guinness World Record for limbo skating under cars. He skated under 39 cars for a total of about 230 feet in 29.8 seconds. And he keep world record.

Actually he was also creative When he was 3 years old, Gagan Satish’s parents gave him a pair of roller skates. He showed remarkable proficiency with them. They approached a professional skating trainer and asked for his help. Soon Gagan was mastering the art of limbo skating. An Indian schoolboy has become a limbo legend by roller-skating under 39 cars in a row when normal people saw they became suck.

Gagan is now vowing to take on the world after becoming a celebrity in his home city and inspiring others to take up the bizarre sport. Despite having a number of crashes, they say he always gets straight back up and is always keen to improve.
His father Rajanna Satish, who runs a washing machine repair center, said he was nervous throughout his son’s record attempt, which was filmed by a local camera crew, but overjoyed he had succeeded. Now also he is practicing his acts regularly.


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