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Young boy Vs King Cobra


Can you touch a snake? we became afraid is it? But here one young man is playing with King cobra. Lets say its a race between Snakes King Cobra and Young boy. Which is quite interesting. As everyone knows the king cobra is the world’s longest venomous snake and can be more than 18 feet long. But this boy who is in video played with him easily without any fair. In a deathly encounter between man and king cobra, who will win at hypnotizing the opponent and give him a goodbye ki$s$s.

King cobra bites, the toxins in its venom attacks the victim’s central nervous system. Systems may include severe pain, blurred vision, vertigo, drowsiness and paralysis. If the envenomation is serious, it progresses to cardiovascular collapse, and the victim falls into a coma. Death soon follows due to respiratory failure. Here in this video you can watch and can gain knowledge about such competition.

A Cobra handler puckers up and kis$s$es a giant king cobra. During a live show the fearless performer risks his life going mouth to mouth with the deadly reptile.The performance, at the Krabi Snake Farm, in Krabi, Thailand, was caught on camera by American video grapher Joel Pierce. Some people in the comments section allege that the Snake somehow enjoyed the ki$s$s. Amazing video makes peoples entertainment.


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