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Grass Eating festival at South Africa


In the South Africa the grass eating competition is organized and it is the spiritual practice of South African people and it is celebrated every year like a festival. When African people reach at the ministry they eat grass in the ground. Because they keep the believe that they may closer to the god even they claim that this festival has cured them from serious health disease. This festival may uncivilized and abnormal in other society.¬†Generally today’s people are known as civilized and social. But the definition of civilization can’t meet every society’ people similarly, because different caste and society have their own culture and techniques of celebration of festivals.

South African Congregation Eat Grass To Show Their Devotion on their festivals. In this video we can see all black people, they are eating grass in the ground. They claim that such type of technique of eating grass may cure from different health disease.It may not be applied in sense of health but it really shows their devotion.They are enjoying like their it is most popular festival.There are many other festivals in South Africa which are different than the Western and Asian countries. One festival also celebrate in south Africa in which people do competition of drinking cow’s blood and they fight. Finally a man who got victory upon all competitor he becomes winner and he can choose a women for marry as he like. Eating grass festival also such type of unique festival.


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  1. Such type of competition are against civilization & human health.

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