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Himani meet Paras by going to Jail


Himani meet her husband, former Crown Prince Paras Shah by going to jail in Udukkhani of Thiland on the first of Falgun. His father former King Gyanendra Shah didn’t take any step to free him. Paras is living in Thiland with his Thai girlfriend. Paras was arre$ted & was send to jail by Thai Government. To meet Paras Himani went to Thiland on Magh 29 & return Nepal in Falgun 6. Paras clearly talk about his Thai girlfriend with Himani. His girlfriend Kannika also leave him. She break their relation between them. Paras Shah, who has been living in Bangkok for the past 5 years. He was arre$ted in Thiland in possession of the illicit drugs cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine crystal (ice).paras-shah-hatgadi1 00


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