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The teenager girl as an old lady


Hayley-OkinesThe girl shown in this picture is a teenager girl who has got trapped in the body of old lady who seems to be of 100 years old.She was given that body of old lady due to the rare genetic condition who died in 17 years. Hayley Okines from Bexhill, East Sussex suffered from this premature ageing condition which is a rare disease medically called as progeria.

Due to disease, she had her body eight times the normal rate. Progeria is the condition where children get prematurely old where a child seems more times old than his real age along with the problems like heart problems, arthritis, baldness with them but the brain working system as of their age. The progoria pateinst normally dies with these problem in the average age of 13.

But Hayley seems to be lucky enough to survive it more than other usually for three or four year from the expected age of death.She had been the part of a documentary about the premature ageing and manage to publish her biography before dyeing. There are 74 case known as hers and she is one of them.
There was a post by her mother in Facebook last night “My baby has gone somewhere better. She took her last breath in my arms at 9:39pm.”She seems to have great heart broke as she got short time with her daughter.


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