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A wonderful child who recognize things with eyes closed


MPS Event Organization has started a famous teaching methods formal education system called Mind Power Development. The organization informed about the teaching method in a press meeting held in capital on Tuesday.

Sawasi Mangal who opened the organization at Shantinagar of Kathmandu to exhibit the phenomenal potential and is also teaching the education to others. He can spell and read every word in a book just by smelling it. Not only that he is about to give a basic course of it through the method of focus, reading, productivity etc. Mangal claims that the phenomenal power can be obtained just with a month of training and education.

Mangal who has already set 3 world records on remembrance power exhibited the art in the press meet how children who had been trained for a day and a month were able to remember 30 words in a minute, recognize a colour, words and photos with eyes closed. Saying that he is aiming to produce man power in Nepal who can break world records, he claims that by taking the formal education prodigious talent will be born.


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