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Why men prefer slim women


A women with thin body and perfect curves can attract any man. Many studies have also proved that men prefer thin women over fat ones. In a fiction called ‘Evolutionary Fitness’, there is written why men look for thin woman while looking for a life partner.

Men believe that thin women are beautiful and healthy and it is true too. In many beauty pageant happening all over the world, the women are selected by looking at their body and thin body is given the first priority. Internationally, a body of size 19 is rated as most attractive. To become a model, the mark index must be 24-24.8. Since a thin body makes a person looks younger, men love these kinds of women.

According to head researcher at Institute of Genetics and Development Biology if women from of age maintain the body mask index of 17-20, they have less chances of getting diseases related to reproduction. Examining the European, African and Asian women, this has been revealed. With looking less attractive, fat women also have higher chances of getting diabetes, heart attack and reproductive diseases as compared to men. Experts also say that it can be deadly if a person gets too thin in terms of getting thin.patalo1


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