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Snake b!*tes its own neck


After a woman found a 1.5m Brown Tree snake writhing on her doorstep, Matt Hagan, from Cairns Snake Catchers, was called to an Earville home. It had sunk its fangs into its own neck and d!*ed by the time he got there.

He said, ‘‘I could immediately see something wasn’t quite right with the snake. When I picked it up I noticed it was still biting down firmly on its neck. Apparently when they do have a trauma they do try and b!*te around the area. I suspect the snake didn’t end its own life on purpose, but was possibly in severe pa!*n and ended up in this unfortunate position. ‘It’s just a really odd catch.’

There is at least one case on record of a cobra bit!*ng itself even though it is unclear whether snakes are immune to their own venom. The cobra survived but it developed a large abscess that required $urge*ry. But the cobra did not develop the other symptoms normally associated with its b!*te. There is also a video online of a snake which appears to have b!t*ten itself to de@*th by a roadside.

In the video the snake can be seen crawling on the road at first. As all the scenes as filmed, the snake suddenly starts biting itself. The black snake b!*tes itself br*ut@lly and finally d!e$ on the road.


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