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15 Real Life Human Superpowers


It is always very interesting to see actors in many action and other movies having super powers. Just by thinking it would be amazing to be able to fly or breathe fire from mouth. These super powers would make our lives even more better and interesting.

This is video uploaded on YouTube and it shows 15 humans with super powers. They are real people with extraordinary capabilities. The video talks about a man who is a human magnet. The man is able to stick many things to his body. He is able to do so not because of any magnetic power but because he has extra sticky hands which allows him to stick almost anything to his body. A man named Daniel Tammet is known as the man with super memory. He is able to remember pie to over 22 thousand digits. He can even speak 10 languages and has even been studied extensively by Nora biologist. He is able to so all this because he has synesthesia.

A woman names Michelle Latito had an incredible ability to eat almost anything and poop it out with out damaging her body. She was even able to eat poisonous substances and poop it out and still show no signs of poisoning and was known as Mrs. eat all. But later she died at the age of 52 while eating something. So it is practical that her super powers were not that developed.

A man named Wim Hof is also known as Ice man because he is able to with stand the most cold temperature. He even was about to reach the top of the Mt. Everest naked but was unable because of a food injury. On the other hand he also holds the record for longest amount of time spent submerged in ice. A normal person would practically die being exposed to such extreme temperature.


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