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Among the hun*ters, naturalists and others, the comparison of merits between lions and tigers has been a very popular topic of discussion through out the history and is still continuing to inspire people until present. Both of them are among the most d@ng*erous big cats and are true k!l*ling machines. They are equipped with almost the same natural defence mechanism i.e sharp paws and super strong jaws that are capable of breaking through flesh. But there are many differences between the two cats. Lion is a very social animal and lives in prides of up to 30 individuals headed by a mature male but tiger on the other hand is a solitary animal. It is agreed that tigers as compared to lions are much more faster, smarter and ferocious. It was also found in a study done in Oxford University that tigers have much bigger brains as compared to their body size than other big cats. Tigers also have higher average bite force than lions.

Tigers are also known to have the most powerful paw swipes in the entire cat family. A paw swipe of a tiger is enough to crush a cow’s skull. But when it comes to b@ttle between the two creatures, who might win depends upon the maturity. And it is also obvious that a wild lion is more dangerous than a captivated tiger and vice versa.

This is a video that has been uploaded on YouTube channel called Lion Chanel TV. Many footage of lions and tigers b@t*tling has been compiled in the video. In different footage different creature are winning. In the first footage which was filmed in a Korean zoo, a mature lions mercilessly k!*lls a tigress. There are also many such similar footage in the video.


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