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Big Cat Enthusiast Owns Six Tigers And Two Lions


Director and Videographer Laurentiu Garofeanu has presented a wild videos of Carl Bovard with the producer of Dan Howlett. The editing of this video is done by Kyle Waters.

Carl Bovard owns six tiger and two lions. Carl Bovard Big Cat Enthusiast knows that it is one of the most dangerous moment for his life to keep that wildlife in his backyard and play around with them. He wrestle with them and hover around them.It is a very challenging task but he loves to do it. He has got a lots of praises from different persons and places about his life taking job.It also has given some kind of awareness about the endangered species and their nature.

Nine years ago he set up a dream of non profit educational company and let the people to visit his house and his backyards with the wildlife. Every people are welcomed to his this wild nature environment and are free to enter. They can enjoy and feel the cozy nature of wildlife. His biggest tiger is Siberian with the name Samson. He weight more than 700lbs and more than nine and a half feet tall. He has got a tons of mixed reaction from people but he believed that he has been helping and making awareness regarding tigers and lions. This organization is all about the love and fond towards wildlife rather than captivating them for other purpose.


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