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We Bre@$*tfeed Each Other’s Kids


What do you think about bre”$^t feeding your children by other’s children mum and you are also feeding the children of other’s? It obviously, sounds crazy. Why would any of us would do that? But here in this following video two young mother are doing a bre”$^tfeed to each other’s children.

Stefani Tatavitto 23 years old mother, regularly feeds her own two-year-old son and her friend Chrystal Klein’s 19-month-old daughter too while Chrystal goes for her works at a factory. Similarly, Chrystal 23 years old mother of a baby returns back her favour to her friends by bre@$t feeding to her child when she goes out on a night. They behave both of their children as their own children. They do nursing of both of them with a pure heart.They were met on Facebook before 5 years ago. Though they get a much more controversies with their act, their partner has supported them. They both disregard the controversies and going on their bre”$^tfeed because they think that it’s the best nursing for their children.

They are conveying and encouraging others to have a bre@$tfeed for their children rather than the powder m*lk. Bre”$^tfeed for a baby is one of the important nutrients for the baby but some of the mothers are too busy up with the works and feeding a powder milk or animal milk. Bre”$^tfeed from another women is best for their health and growth. So, without he$!^tation let’s share the Bre”$^tfeed and make children healthy is gist of these two example mother.


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