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Any Time Massage ( ATM ) Nepali Comedy Movie


A brand new $e**xy and $edu**ct!ve Comedy Nepali Movie “Any Time Massage (ATM) ” has been uploaded in the very active social networking site YouTube.

This video contains the very $edu**ct!ve and $e**xy Kajal Khanal having a body massage with her husband Krishna Khanal. Kajal Khanal has presented herself in a very $e**xy and $edu**ct!ve way.

She is enjoying the body massage from her husband. She is giving some naughty and $edu**ct!ve moment in this short move. She is tending to show her glamorous body in the clips of this movie. This may fascinated the lots of people’s attraction to her.However, this whole body massage seems very $edu**ct!ve and @ppe@l!ng for everyone.

With the production of B.D CHannel Pvt. Ltd, this movie has been directed by Abhishek Poudel. Abhishek Poudel himself has written the story of this short movie along with edit. Hence, Abhishek Poudel has directed this short movie in a very ho**t, $e**xy and $edu**ct!ve. At the same time, he has presented this short movie in a comic way.Tanka K.C is a camera man for this short movie. The background music has been given by Naresh Pandey and the make ups has been done with Ritu Bohora .


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