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Nepali Comedy Fun Funny


This is a New Nepali Comedy Funny movie, where the entertainment is full on. Here we can see the love in a very funny way. First the girl imagines the boy that they are dating and having a very quality time together.

She imagines a boy who is describing her beauty in a very romantic way that is making her feel especial and she gets out of her imagination. Then she thinks to meet her boyfriend that day, whereas the other side the boy was hanging out with his friends and he had no money that day and suddenly a girl calls him and ask him to meet her but the boy says that he has no money but the girl says to meet her and he will manage all the money and they finally meets in a restaurant and orders the food after that they starts talking to each other and the boy continuously ask to k!$s to him.

The girl denies to k!$s because there was no privacy and the boy covers them with newspaper and as her to kiss and none will see them and he imagines the kiss but the girl gets angry and slaps him and goes away and then he too while going the owner asks the money for the food they ordered but he had no money he came just because he was called by the girl and he tells this to owner and he gets pun!@shed instead. This is a very entertaining and a funny video which is being uploaded in NK TV.


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