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The snake b!*te in the nose of the women


One of the women of china while k!$*sing the snake her nose sc”ttered. She was in the tour at Thailand and on January 9 she tried to k!$*s the snake and the snake b!*te her and her nose got scattered and she is being !n*jured. The three scars is seen clearly on her nose. The media of china said that her heath condition after the snake b!*te is being improving. Snake bite is very d@ng*erous. The many people d!E^s due to the snake b!*te and if it is not treated immediately there will be the r!$k of the life. There are two types of snake bite, they are dry bites where the snake in*jects no venom and venomous b!*tes where the snake !nj*ects venom. These b!t*es have their own symptoms though it both p”!ns after the snake b!*tes but the treatment of this is different.

The precautions of the doctors is required if any kind of snakes b!*tes. Similarly here the snake b!*te the female who was trying to be good with the snake, she was trying to k!$^s it but unfortunately the snake b!*te her and she got !n*jured but she is safe and the wo*und are getting better.


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